Berkshire Strings Studio Schedule - Fall 2019

Tune Builders Class - Mondays 6pm

Steady/moderate pace, new repertoire, with notation, traditional melody instruments

Hungry for new tunes? This class will feed you a new one every week. Designed for confident beginners up to intermediate/advanced students who want the visual aid of music or code to help learn new tunes. Planned on the same night as “Repertoire Jam”, both classes together will fulfill your desire to get something new and practice the old. 

Repertoire Jam - Mondays 7:15pm

Moderate pace, all acoustic instruments welcome

Over the years we’ve learned so many tunes that its difficult to keep them all fresh and playable. Come to the weekly session to request and practice your favorites. All acoustic instruments and musicians are welcome to this drop-in jam. 

Fiddle Tunes with Harmonies - Wednesdays 11am

Moderate pace, for music readers, harmony parts, for string players

Some of us love to hear and play the harmony parts. This class for music readers will focus on tunes with multiple parts, strengthen our ensemble playing skills and slowly add some new repertoire. Hopefully, some viola, cello or bass players will join us.

Berkshire Strings Jam Session - September 14th and October 12th - Saturdays 4pm

Moderate/Steady pace, for all acoustic instruments

Our regular fiddle jam repertoire from the Berkshire Strings Jam Collection (120 Tunes). Bring your notation of choice and a music stand or play by ear. Bring a dish for the Pot Luck Super afterwards.