Youth Student Lesson Information, Policies and Fees

After-School Lessons

The Studio is OPEN 5 days a week

CLOSED on Sunday & Monday.

To arrange your child’s lesson day and time for the year contact Erika in August. The After-school schedule provides thirty (30) lessons throughout the academic year. Three make-up lessons are available at the end of the year for eligible absences such as illness or injury or emergency.

If you need to cancel a lesson because your child is ill or injured, please notify me as soon as possible. In turn, I will notify parents of other students scheduled that day if an earlier pick-up time is necessary because of the cancellation.

Snow Days are often called for weather that has been cleared by afternoon lesson time. Unless it is obviously unsafe for driving, your child’s regularly scheduled lesson will be held. Contact me if there’s a question.

Pick-up for students attending GBRSS is available most days. Students must be ready to leave the from the kiosk in the parking lot at 2:55pm. Please pick-up your child from the studio at the end of their lesson.

Your Child’s Lesson

Your child is expected to have their instrument, their music and practice sheet with them at every lesson. Being ready for the lesson is the student’s responsibility but in many cases parental help is needed  to make sure these items are in the backpack or by the door the night before.

Practicing is necessary for progress and progress is an honest motivator for practicing.

Ideally, a practice session will be almost as long as the child’s lesson time and happen 5 days of the week aside from the lesson day.

Create a regular practice time: while dinner is being prepared, immediately after getting home from school, before leaving for school or as part of the homework routine.

If possible, find a quiet corner for a permanent set up of music stand and instrument that is easy to access and not isolated from the family. Avoid heat registers and wood stoves to protect the instrument.

A shorter practice session is preferred to no practice session. If only 5 minutes is available, the student can go through their scales or warm-ups. Think of it like brushing your teeth - things get fuzzy when you forget.

Calendar 2019 - 2020

SAVE THE DATE for these events:

Sept. 9 - Lessons begin this week

April 22-25 - Spring Strings Camp (?)

June 8, 2020 - Summer Lessons Begin

June, 2nd week: Berkshire Strings Recital

July 6-10 - Berkshire Summer Strings

The Studio will be CLOSED on the following dates:

Nov. 6 and 7   (Teacher Development)

Nov. 25 through 30   (Thanksgiving)

Dec. 22 through Jan. 6   (Holidays)

Feb. 16 through 22   (Mid-Winter)

April 20 through 25   (Spring)

May 25   (Memorial Day)





Music lessons develop discipline, motivation, organization and relational thinking in addition to instrument skills, musicality and self-expression.

Musicians are on a life-long journey. Older musicians keep their brains active and enjoy community with the musical skills they learned in childhood. Be the parent who holds that long-term vision for your child.

The development of the child as described by Rudolf Steiner guides my choice of curriculum, repertoire and timing of certain techniques as much as the skill level of the student.

Recitals are celebrations of the music lessons provided; a way for the student to say ‘thank you’. Please expect your child to prepare and participate in a recital.

A strong student-teacher relationship is crucial to the success of the lessons. Please communicate any anticipated change to our lessons with respect and sensitivity to that relationship.


It is assumed that school-age students will sign-up and participate in lessons throughout the school year. Lessons can be paid in three ways: for the Year in Full, by the Semester or at each lesson.

Full Year Payment - 10% bookkeeper’s discount

30 minute lessons - $945

45 minute lessons - $1350

Semester Payments - 5% bookkeeper’s discount

30 minute lessons - $332 x 3

45 minute lessons - $475 x 3

Fall Semester due September 9

Winter Semester due November 18

Spring Semester due February 24

“A la Carte” Saturdays

Full priced lessons can be paid for at each lesson. They may be cancelled without penalty within 24 hours. This is a good option for families who need a more flexible schedule or who expect to have more than two absences during the school-year.

30 minute lesson - $35

45 minute lesson - $50

60 minute lesson - $65