The Youth Program (ages 8-16) is a day program from 9am to 5pm, Monday - Friday. Each day includes singing, community jam, three instructional hours, outdoor recreation and games, artistic and songwriting activities, and opportunities to work with a second instrument, to form a small band, or to collaborate on a project.

 The strength of our program lives within our instructors, professional musicians and teachers actively shaping the genres of contra dance, Americana, bluegrass and traditional music. Click here to meet this year's instructors.

Student groups are formed with care to ensure that all participants are challenged and engaged at their level of ability. Registration is required for each child wishing to attend. All applicants must have a minimum of 1 year of instruction on their instrument and/or a teacher's recommendation.

INSTRUCTIONAL HOURS: The first 2 instructional hours of each day are group lessons with your child's primary instrument choice instructor. The 3rd instructional hour is more flexible, an opportunity to work on a second instrument or work with a smaller, mixed instrument group or to develop instrumental parts stemming from a songwriting workshop. Sign-ups for 3rd Instructional Hour will be included in the application package.

AFTERNOON ACTIVITY: Following the lunch and recreation hour, a choice of activities will be offered including songwriting workshops, artistic projects (drawing, painting, felting), exploring French Park's trail system, and Music Biographies. Sign-ups for the Afternoon Activity time will be included in the application package.

RECESS AND RECREATION: All recess and recreation times will be adult supervised and older youth will be assigned to assist in arranging teams for games, exemplify good sportsmanship and ensure that every child is included and can enjoy themselves during these free time activities. Limited equipment will be available (balls, jump ropes, badminton racquets, chalk).

Too much day for your younger musician? Contact us about how to work with the schedule to meet the needs of your child. 


Our songwriter's workshop in dress rehearsal for the Camper Concert 2015


  • 9am Community sing (includes all youth)
  • 10:00 First Instruction Hour
  • 11:00 morning snack/recess 
  • 11:30  Second Instructional Hour
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 1:00 games/recreation
  • 1:30 Afternoon Activity
  • 2:30 Third Instructional Hour
  • 3:30 afternoon snack/recess
  • 4:00 Community Jam (includes all youth)
  • 5:00 Day Program ends