NEW Youth Ensemble!

Youth Ensemble will be offered for three 9-week semesters that can be attended by the semester according to student interest and availability. The time of the rehearsals has been carefully considered to allow for participation in sports; tardiness following a game will be acceptable. Although geared for students in 6th grade and up, younger students may make a request to participate. A donation of $100 per semester is requested.

FALL SEMESTER "Summer Reunion" ~ September 11 - November 13

 ( 9 practices and *2 performances; no practice on October 9, Columbus Day)

Fall Semester will highlight the Fiddle Music played by the Busking Groups at Berkshire Summer Strings and will include a performance at the Botanical Garden Harvest Festival (*Oct. 7 or 8) and the Holiday Farmer's Market (*Nov. 18).

WINTER SEMESTER "Chamber Ensemble" ~ November 27 - February 12

(9 practices and *1 performance; no practice January 15, MLK Jr. Day)

Winter Semester will feature chamber music, trio and quartet arrangements for strings and offer site reading practice and group coaching. Chamber Ensemble will perform at GBRSS Spring All-School Recital (*May 21). Dress rehearsal May 14.

SPRING SEMESTER "Trad Band"~ February 26 - May 7

(9 practices and *1 performance; no practice April 9 or 23 TBD)

Spring Semester will challenge young musicians to improvise, harmonize and create arrangements of contemporary and traditional songs. Students will also combine vocals with instrumentation. Trad Band will perform at GBRSS Spring All-School Recital (*May 21). Dress rehearsal May 14.

Private Lessons After-School Schedule: Academic Year 2017-2018

These time slots are for youth attending school and it is assumed that the student will attend their weekly lesson throughout the school year.

Please indicate the best lesson day/time for your child. If your schedule has some flexibility, check all possible days/times including any Youth Ensemble semesters. As more requests come in, you may see "Lesson Reserved" next to a time. Please find other times that may work and leave a message in the Message box to communicate special considerations. I can usually accommodate everyone's needs.

ALL lessons are subject to confirmation. 

Rates for 2017-2018

$330 per semester for 30 minute lesson / $480 per semester for 45 minute lessons

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The classes are open to all violin students with 3 years of study.

Daytime Schedule

Adult and Homeschool Students are offered private lessons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Class Schedule

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